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from Alex The Red Parez and The Hell Rojos,

track released September 30, 2017

C: Alex Parez

Alex Parez - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Terry Boes - Harmonica
Jason Mendelson - Bass
Nina Garcia - Violin
Adam Neubauer - Album artwork, graphic design and layout

Copyright © 2017 Alex Parez - All Songs Used With Permission


Hold them in yours hands trembling, excited
With passion flooding out on the streets
While gazing at the skies blue and streaked white
Along the stretched horizon everlasting

Eyes stare marveled by such exquisite sights
A valley shaved by river's grace
Thoughts long for peace and fulfillment not reached
Your vision blurs, washed with azure.

Storms rage on, still you are struggling, in fear and pain
But now at last you have found out was has been missing.

Caressing crevices time and time again
While sounds so heavenly echo around
In warm cavern moist with tears of joy
And tasting young, delightful breath blown by you.

Look at the hot stars above
Touch the smooth curves that want love
Smell pleasing air through the bluff
Wrapped around time and space of
Canyons that run deep through the land.