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from Alex The Red Parez and The Hell Rojos,

track released September 30, 2017

The Monkey Song: Alex Parez

Alex Parez - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Terry Boes - Harmonica
Jason Mendelson - Bass
Manny Arciniega - Drums
Adam Neubauer - Album artwork, graphic design and layout

Copyright © 2017 Alex Parez - All Songs Used With Permission


There was a monkey
Swingin'from a tree
And some other monkeys
Calm as can be
Came rollin' along
Bom, bom, bom
To steal bananas
That the monkey had
Set up in the tree
To later sit down and eat

An' so a couple
Of them monkeys went
Way up there to distract
That poor monkey
While the others stole
Those bananas
From that dumb monkey
Who had not a clue
That he was about to loo-oose
All of his food

An' later on
After they had gone
Then he realized
To his surprise
That they had stole
His bananas
An' so he left
To go solve the theft
And he found them
Eatin' his food
An' then he said

"Which one of you
Stupid monkeys stole
My stinkin' bananas?!
Away from me"
To which one replied
"No, not I
These are my own
Bananas, you see
Now won't you please leave me be
Before I smack ya"

"Upside your face
With this piece of poo
That I've got in my hand
You stupid fool
Now get outchya jerk face!
So I can
Eat these bananas"
So that monkey left
Cause who wants to get hit
In the face
By a piece of poo