1. Workin'
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from Alex The Red Parez and The Hell Rojos,

track released September 30, 2017

Workin': Alex Parez

Alex Parez - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Terry Boes - Harmonica
Jason Mendelson - Bass
Derek Evry - Electric Guitar
Adam Neubauer - Album artwork, graphic design and layout

Copyright © 2017 Alex Parez - All Songs Used With Permission


Your arms are tired and so weak
Your back is sore, pain so deep
From all this work with no sleep
Ya don't have time to eat

When will this end, not soon enough
Ya can't take this much more, it's so rough

Ya hate your job cause it sucks
It is so lame, who gives a fuck?!
Ya want to smack your dumb boss
He's such a turd, lost in the sauce

You're so damn sick of all this workin'
It never seems like you'll be goin'

Ya been slavin' and workin'
For such a long count of years
It's just a huge waste of time
Oh, what a crime, here's your tears

Your business will get run in the ground
Since it's owned by fools who ain't been around

Oh, what's the point you can't wait
To leave this joint that you hate