1. January Silver
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from Alex The Red Parez and The Hell Rojos,

track released September 30, 2017

January Silver: Alex Parez

Alex Parez - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Terry Boes - Harmonica
Jason Mendelson - Bass
Adam Neubauer - Album artwork, graphic design and layout

Copyright © 2017 Alex Parez - All Songs Used With Permission


Pleasure falls in hoards
Of jagged water
Glistening in ice
Fallin' from skies

Of deep black night
Comes rigid white
Contorted sides
And turnin' walls

In crystal halls
Run sparkle's gleam
Through snow drift's seam
And sends a beam

Onto iced stream
Across frozen
Deep seas of storms
Silver with cold

Now freezing sweet dew
That rests on the land
Starched brown from winter's
Great gust of the season grasping its time

Of deep chilling clime
My love's skin is blue
She dies in hot pool
But came the night

Of freezing white
Reborn to frost
And there she'll cross
For gods of snow

To take her soul
Into night's skies
Of freezing white

Glidin' down from black welkin
Of humble bounds
Now taken above
My thin forest glove

White wrappings cover
Her deep silver limbs
And mists on the ice
That twists down green pines

My shelter nigh
What shall be thine
A placid shrine
Of icy bind

She roams through time
And crawls the twine
Of flaming swine
To reach cold night

And her eyes have failed
Her skin is old
Her days have grown
We aged alone

Through wintry bones
In lands of snow
Sit still unknown
In worlds below

And my wrinkles show
Against pale light
Reflecting off
The silver snow

Her smile gleams ice
Our bodies still
In winter's chill
Our clasp would never thrill