Rhodeside Grill Open Mic Night Wednesday Nights Hosted by Alex The Red Parez aka El Rojo

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Rhodeside Grill, 1836 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington

Rhodeside Grill Open Mic Night hosted by Alex The Red Parez aka El Rojo Wednesday nights! Please do come join us once again Wednesday night, July 31st! DOWNSTAIRS!! Two signups at 7:30pm and 10:00pm!!

Featured at 10:00pm: Caryn Switaj!


"Caryn Switaj is an inspirer, singer, songwriter and poet from Farmington Hills, Michigan. Her last name is pronounced Swee-thai (like Thailand) and means “The Dawn” in Polish. Having spent time in the North, South, East, and West of the United States, Caryn now calls Northern Virginia home. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains right off the Appalachian Trail, and draws inspiration from being in Nature.

Her music connects listeners with the beauty of their own True Nature and the ideal that we are all One. By blending a unique sound of Roots, Inspirational, Spiritual, Gospel, and Mountain Music, Caryn weaves songs from the land that sound ancient, yet relevant to today’s world. Her stories speak to the collective whole, and resonate with us as seekers and searchers on the life-long journey of finding meaning and purpose.

Caryn started intuitively writing songs and poetry in 2017 to help battle grief and anxiety, and quickly realized that she had found her life’s devotion. Starting from scratch (and having never sang for anyone since a 7th grade rendition of “Annie”!), she threw herself into the up-and-down adventure of learning her newfound craft.

Though fresh to the music scene around Greater Washington, D.C., her song “True North” was awarded an Honorable Mention for Lyrics in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest in January of 2019.

Above all, Caryn is driven by her ability to spread Love, Light, and Healing through her music, and to awaken others to living their dreams and living a life of Freedom.

Inspired by singer-songwriters like Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Patty Griffin, and Gillian Welch, to name a few — and conscious artists leading the way like Trevor Hall, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Ayla Nereo — Caryn feels called to inspire change in the world through music. She does this by effortlessly rooting listeners in their own human experience, while also encouraging them to step into their limitless nature.

The singer-songwriter is set to release her debut EP in the summer of 2020. In the meantime, you can follow her on her social media channels (listed below), and sign up for the email list on the homepage to receive exclusive updates."

Don't miss Caryn's 30 minute set immediately following the 2nd signup at 10:00pm!!

And open mic night is FREE, NO COVER! All ages til 10:00pm then 21+ after 10:00pm. See you all again this Wednesday!!!! Yay!!!! Can't wait!!!! :-) For more information please visit http://www.alexparez.com/ and http://www.rhodesidegrill.com/ Thank you!!