Open Mic Night at Rhodeside Grill Hosted by Alex Parez! Featured at 10pm: Damion Wolfe

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

Rhodeside Grill, 1836 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington

We're back ☺ Rhodeside Grill Open Mic Night hosted by Alex The Red Parez aka El Rojo Wednesday nights! Please do come join us once again Wednesday night, June 22nd! DOWNSTAIRS!! Two signups at 7:30pm and 10:00pm!!

Featured at 10:00pm: Damion Wolfe!

Don't miss Damion's 30 minute set immediately following the 2nd signup at 10:00pm!!

And open mic night is FREE, NO COVER! All ages til 10:00pm then 21+ after 10:00pm. See you all again this Wednesday!!!! Yay!!!! Can't wait!!!! 🙂

For more information please visit and

FYI here is what is provided:

  • Two Mains
  • Two QSC CP8 monitors (a third monitor if the feature is full band for drummer)
  • Eight Channel Mixer
  • Up to Five Vocal Mics, mic stands, XLR cables, etc
  • Amplified House Cajon plus tambourine and salt n' pepper shakers (I'm happy to accompany you or if you prefer a band mate to join then they can use these)
  • Two floor tuner pedals for two acoustic or electric guitars or bass guitar/up to four quarter inch cables/channel inputs
  • I'm also happy to accompany you on my acoustic guitar and harmony vocals if I know the song you're performing
  • Basic Yamaha Acoustic Guitar - no pick up, I'll put a mic in front it for you
  • Basic House Electric Guitar, left handed though FYI, lefties come on out!! :-)
  • I provide new sanitary mic covers for every performer
  • House Music before and after and between acts, also provided by yours truly
  • Full Stereo Sound for any electronic devices performers are using

Thank you all again, hope to see everybody June 22nd!! :-) <3

All my love, always <3

El Rojo